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Herbed Chicken

Herbed Chicken With Swiss Chard – Paleo

In this recipe plenty of rosemary, sage and thyme come together beautifully to make a simple chicken breast taste like a gourmet feast in your mouth. When cooking healthy and delicious meals it’s all about using the freshest (and if possible organic) ingredients. Fresh herbs are a great way to turn a bland meal into a […]
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Stuffed Tomatoes with Kohlrabi and Pinenuts

Stuffed Tomatoes With Kohlrabi – Vegan

July is the season for tomatoes at the NYC farmer’s markets! Sun-ripened, full of flavor, and juicy—paired with seasonal kohlrabi, pine nuts, garlic and lots of fresh herbs makes this a perfect summer delicacy! Our grandmothers used to cook kohlrabi in all kinds of ways and combinations. If you are not used to them they might […]
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String Beans with Bacon

String Beans With Bacon – Paleo

String beans paired with juicy bacon and thyme create a hearty and yummy simple meal that is low on carbs. It is super quick and easy to cook and can make a great post-workout paleo powerfood, stand alone meal, side dish, or snack. String beans from the farmers’ market—also known as green beans or haricot verts—are […]
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Salad and Egg

Egg Sunny Side Up On Spring Salad – Vegetarian

Spring and early summer mean splendid salads, with colorful produce found at the NYC farmers market. Radishes, carrots, spring onions, dill, parsley, basil, and tender butterhead lettuce all come to play with a side of eggs sunny side up. All farm-fresh of course, preferably organic, and with eggs that are laid by happy free-range hens. […]
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Radish Toast

Radish And Herb Quark On Multigrain Bread – Vegetarian

This radish treat does not simply look pretty and taste super yummy, it is also the perfect pre- or post- workout snack—it’s high in protein and contains healthy carbs, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Or have it for lunch with a side of fresh spring greens. Radishes are in season in Spring and besides looking very lovely, they […]